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Allow me to introduce myself!

Hello and WELCOME! I am so grateful that you are here!

I am Amanda, 35 year old highly creative creature inhabiting beautiful space on Earth in Southern Oregon. My family consists of my husband, 2 little girls, 2 kitties, 4 chickens and one very sweet dog. My husband and I own a gem and mineral business that you can learn all about HERE .

I love color. Bright bright colors and I live to make things. I feel most alive and at home in myself while in the process of making things. Usually I am playing in the world of clay and ceramics, but yarn, fabric, paint and beads also light me up and make my heart throb. Making things feel both completely indulgent and full of purpose in a world where things are treated like trash.

Everything is handmade and I think it matters how things are made. How the people who made the things we use are treated matter. How we treat the materials and resources we use matter. The current structures and dynamics of power that organize our world and place value on some people and not others is wholly unacceptable. I am just as complicit in participating in this real time unfolding disaster as the next person, but I cannot in good conscience pretend like its not happening. We have to do better. I feel we collectively must acknowledge what is and isn't righteous as the first step to change.

I am a very sensitive and extremely empathic person. I feel EVERYTHING. Intensely. Only recently have I realized that it is a gift. I can become overwhelmed easily with too much social interaction- including social media interaction. I thrive in solitude and being at home and playing in my imaginative bubble. I am a voracious reader, and learner, and am always reeeeeally passionate and ready to talk your ear off about some new subject/class/life changing book.

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1 Comment

Mar 20, 2018

I have never found anything on digital media that feels so cozy. . . going from impersonal space to a charming, homey site that is so inviting! Thank you for being here.

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