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Amanda Higgins

a ceramic artist based in Southern Oregon

I live for the wild earth chorus and the rhythms of the natural world.  I aspire most to communicate that nature is worthy of our reverence and devotion by creating art that represents the bridge between humanity and wild creatures that keep the chorus humming. I want to create art that expresses humans and nature as inseparable. Creating these pieces is a way for me to reflect on the consciousness of the natural world and the muses that guide creation.  I create in service and devotion to the Divine Feminine- the wise and ancient and uncontrollable force that perseveres by blooming in the cracks of sidewalks and refusing to be contained. I exist in the fringes and the frontiers and seek those places that give way to creative abandon and new ways of doing and being.  I celebrate untamed natural spaces that feel connected somehow to the space in my belly that *knows*.  The process of making feels like an archeological dig, or like trying to hear a whisper. I listen deeply to hear that voice that is quietly prodding me to create it. The voice in my belly and also in the hum and buzz of thriving ecosystems.  It feels like catching a wave and hitting a sweet spot. The experience of making art is one of reclaiming my own wild instinct, and harnessing its power. 

My work is available at The Ashland Plaza Mall, downtown Ashland, Oregon and in my Etsy shop 

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